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In front of MOHE / Kart-e char, Kabul / Afghanistan +93(0) 78 972 3100


Union Telecom internet service provider with its professional staff has always and in all steps tried to be responsible in all its related work area to its customers and it has been offering services as 24/7/365.

We are responsible against what our team promised to you since your satisfaction has been always the reason why we promote. 


Union Telecom has been always tried to be flexible with consideration of market condition in order to keeping the customer’s satisfaction and have their overall backups.

This flexibility is under the rule and policy of Union Telecom Company and we always tries to realize our client’s problems and be their partner in order to their troubleshooting.


The first and important criteria for Union Telecom is to offer high quality services. Therefore having professional and experienced staff is necessity in order to advancement of company’s goals.

Now we within a massive, professional and experienced staff in all parts work for advancement of commercial issues and for this purpose we use form our foreign team’s roles too.


Technology has been moving within high speed in nowadays world.

Our team honored to use the best of technology in Afghanistan based and synchronized with technology movement.

For paving the ground and extending of technology we have been always tried to hold internationals terms of lesson for our staff.


Our today’s achievements are the result of our many years of efforts. With the advent of technology every day, Union Telecom Internet Service provider has been working hard to achieve its goals in accordance with the needs of the community and always follow its development plan.
  • Offering of services with best of quality
  • Having professional staff for troubleshooting in the shortest time.
  • Using of the best managers' experiences.
  • Using of the best equipment and technologies.
  • Extending work in all provinces of Afghanistan.
  • Securing companies with the most modern security devices
  • Offering of 24/H customer’s services for customer’s satisfaction.

Put Our Experience To The Test

We offer a large number of services for you and your company
Government Project 10%
Foreign NGOs and Organizations 30%
Embassies 5%
Compounds 20%
Home Users 5%
Other Customers 30%

You can Trust Us. See What We Have Done

1,079 Customer Under Service
108 Employees Working
93% Customer Satisfaction
24/7 Support

Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say about us
We began our internet service with Union Telecom in December 2017 and have been very happy with the service. The installation was done well and the download/upload speeds we are getting are good. Thanks very much for your excellent service, Union Telecom!

Wes Friberg International Donner Director in Global Partners.

Meet Our Team

Our company is built with experience, friendliness and proficiency
Saeed Arman
Chief Executive Officer 
Our today success and achievements are the result of our professional and trained staff's efforts. 
Fazel Rahman
President. Union Telecom team has always tried to do their best since internet service became the center of technology industry.
Hamed Nejati
Chief Operating Officer
We are equipped with most modern and up to date world's technologies which made us better choice. 

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